The Lost Day

Atis Edvards un Niks Jānis writing:

We are safely boarded an airplane and now we are flying from San Francisco to Istanbul. This could be considered as a lost day since we started the flight yesterday, August 25th. I slept the largest part of the flight, I was up only during one movie and when the flight crew kindly issued a tasty dish. When I woke up my brother was touching his monitor, only 15 minutes were left to fly.

When we arrived, we went through the airport controls and headed for the hotel reservation desk. We waited a little and soon we were heading for an airport shuttle bus. I felt pretty relaxed while driving and when I was looking through a bus window to Istanbul. We went to a somewhat quieter place reaching a beautiful hotel. We checked in and came to our room to get beds ready. We realized that we did not have blanket, so we called reception and asked to bring a blanket to us. At first, it did not come and did not come. After we called again, they brought us the sheets. Then we called reception for the third time and finally they brought a blanket. We were all set up.

We ate our wonderful delicious pizza that we took with us straight from San Francisco Italian Restaurant. We know that at least part of our group went out to see the city. We also wanted to go and look at Istanbul. The view from the hotel balcony was nice. But we realized that we were very tired and went to bed. This was one of the shortest days.

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