Hello crazy eclipse chasers!

This will be the nr 7 trip, and while I thought it will be easier, feels like it will be not, because of so many people to manage and so long time to spend on the road. Again I wish there was another week between now and the first flight – there’s so much to do still! But then again – if everything will be planned, there will be less surprises, and I think that surprises are those that make memories and adventures the best.
Even though the trip will be long – 4 weeks – some of the travelers think that we should spend more time in some of the places – hence I offered to leave them there and arrange to meet up in the flight home. It looked like there will be at least a handful of places where to leave somebody for longer. Let’s see how it goes in reality. So far they were not too enthusiastic to cross Nevada in the middle of summer on foot :)